Simone Gallini's SigalSub, well-known for its high quality shaft production, since 2008 has started commercializing a brand new USA made band called Brown Reactive and it has soon been a great success. The Brown Reactive is an amber band coated with a brown/violet coextrusion.
As you know the amber bands tend to get darker and lose their elasticity after a certain period of sunlight
exposure. In order to solve this problem the brown reactive has been coated with the coextrusion above. This system is not brand new as there are already other bands like that on sale but its innovative features are the following:

• contrary to other bands the coextrusion is very thin (1/10 millimetre) this way it is possible to exploit all the caoutchouc whithin and thanks to their high power you can avoid to strech them excessively
• the special colour (darker in this version) allows to let the bands disappear when you dive down to the

The previous version colour of these bands was clearer and once they got streched they turned to light violet but now, as you can see from the picture, the colour remains the same.

Thanks to the intuition of Simone Gallini who introduced the 14.5mm format, already used in other countries like USA, this product has revolutioned the market, breaking the local spearos's common beliefs. The Brown Reactive is sold in the usual formats 16mm, 17.5mm and 19mm but the 14.5mm one was actually designed for speros who prefer multi-bands railguns, a 14.5mm couple makes charging operations much easier with as much power as a 17mm one.

A 17.5mm couple with a 3.5 strech ratio ensures a 45-50 kilos traction, and the elasticity loss after a 30 minutes traction ranges between 1 and 2%. I tested myself this product from SIGALSUB and it is simply perfect. I mounted a pair of them on an Ermes Carribean 110 and at first sight it was nice to look at. Bearing in mind the woodgun dimensions and the 3.3 strech ratio I thought I had to experience some problems in streching the bands!

Instead it was very easy and this led me to think that the woodgun performances would have been not that good but at the first shot I changed my mind as the spear went out very fastly hitting the target with great power.

In the picture above you can note the status of the bands after using them for a season, still perfect!
Here below you can watch some catches made with an 82cm wooden railgun, double bands and Sigal shaft with
cone. You can see by yourself how powerful and fast the spear is propelled by two pairs of SIGAL BROWN REACTIVE.




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