The summer is coming and it is time to choose the best performing equipment to catch the most suspicious preys. In the last few years equipment manufacturers have been camouflaging every single piece of equipment from snorkels to fins with drawings and even photos depicting elements of the seabed.



Salvimar in 2014 introduced a camouflage, called NEXT, in which pictures of light-coloured rocks and Posidonia blend with elements that recall the fish livery. A combination that includes all the components of the typical Mediterranean aquatic life. At first glance the wetsuit appears with a prevalence of clear zones interspersed by clumps of Posidonia. Light brown is the most used colour together with green and darker brown and such a choice makes the final product suitable for spearfishing on sandy bottoms or on white limestone seabeds (widely available in southern Italy for example) on which we usually use the waiting technique. We must consider that if the dry colours appear very light, once in the water, they get darker making the suit effective even on dark backgrounds.

Another strong point of the NEXT line is that it also includes techno polymer fins which, thanks to the IML printing system (abrasion resistant), have on their surface the same camouflage of the suit!



We have so far shown the livery but the best quality of this suit (jersey outside/open cell inside) relies in its fit because it really looks like it is custom made. This is unquestionably due to an optimal cutting but also to the possibility to choose the most comfortable size on the prospectus that Salvimar provides on its catalogue and that basically consists of 4 measures to take on our body: chest, waistline, hips, height and weight.




By comparing these data with the prospectus you can easily choose the size  that fits better on you. In the video below you can see an example of this. Some other details make this suit special compared to the average competitors. First of all, the face hole is narrow and does not end under the chin as it often happens with other products. This is a very important feature for winter suits. The chest loading pad is large and made in puff gum. It turns the loading operation into a safe thing even if you are in hurry. Anti-abrasion reinforcements are present on the major points of contact (elbows, knees and bottom). The beaver tail locks up with a clip, adjustable in length. Some fixing points are already printed on the outside to help user have an optimum closing. Finally, on wrists, ankles and face hole are some cuffs for a better seal against the skin. This model is available in 5.5mm and 7.0mm .




Salvimar also markets the NAT suit, unlike the NEXT, it is available also in the 3.5mm version. It stands out thanks to another effective camouflage pattern (mostly green) and it is made of open cell neoprene outside and jersey outside. For more experienced and demanding divers instead the TRAINING suit is strongly recommended. It is the most soft model in the range and it is made of sharkskin neoprene outside/jersey inside. This model is available in 2.5mm and 5.0mm and with Velcro ballast vest version in 7.0mm and 5.5mm.


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