The new Nadir Spearfishing wetsuits, made by the famous Genoese firm Leroi Design, have finally arrived. Available either in lined neoprene or in single backed one, as shown in the picture, they are designed by my friend Tony Piscitelli with great care to details and have a very competitive price.

The quality of materials is unquestionable as you just need to consider that after two years of normal use, the wetsuit keeps its original volume without presenting even detachments in joints. The most important features of Nadir Spearfishing wetsuits then are the high thermal power and comfort in use with no equals.

As an example you should know that all wetsuits are made with a different thickness insert placed where the ears are in order to help compensation. Finally, you should bear in mind that Leroi Design is the only company to have patented the Power Trick and if you don’t know what it is just check it out here!

Wintertime is coming and in order to face it 5mm and 3mm gloves are now available in the 3-fingers model made with and anti-scratch material outside and lined neoprene inside.


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