Dear Spearo mates I am proud to introduce the new sponsor, the Imersion!

This is a French Spearfishing equipment manufacturing company founded in 1989 by Mr. Pierre Buffa with the help of a French spearfishing world champion. It was established in Marseille, southern France, the well known European capital of spearfishing equipment production.


In 1995, the main French manufacturer of shafts, diving knives and spearfishing accessories, Desiage joined with Imersion to reinforce its potential on the freediving spearfishing market. With the Coralign brand, Desiage was the sole supplier of Imersion for speargun accessories.


The headquarters and the main plant are in Thiers, a city located in the heart of France. This city is famous for knives manufacturing and also for other kinds of production such as high-tech plastic moulding.

Since 1974, for many decades, Desiage has been manufacturing equipment for many big companies such as Beuchat, Mares, Cressi Sub and Sporasub.

Imersion/Desiage has several manufacturing units in France. Spearguns, shafts, bands, fins and other spearfishing accessories are manufactured in Thiers where also plastic and nylon products are also moulded. 

Clothing lines are produced in Tunisia, North Africa, one hour’s flight from the Imersion warehouse and commercial unit located in Vitrolles an industrial city close to Marseille. Some products such as, masks, gloves and booties are manufactured in Italy or China.

Their large range of products covers several markets ranging from the beach bazaar to high-tec equipment designed for competition. The group can also manufacture specific products under other brand names at client’s request.

You can find all its products by clicking on the following website link 

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