porta pesci sigalsub

The new fish holder by sigal is a small accessory that in its simplicity holds the finest wits.

The main feature of this item is represented by a case made of nylon glass-filled (30%) which is equipped in the upper part of two cord stoppers that allow to always tighten the cord in the desired location and with the desired tension.

The common fish holders often oblige spearos to wrap a portion of the exceeding cord around one of the leads of the belt to keep proper tension and often by doing this we are unable to reinsert the pin in its case, without considering that the whole operation turns out to be cumbersome in rough sea conditions.

The new fish holder by sigal instead makes all smoother. the kit consists of 5 elements: case, pin (13cm), carabiner, d-ring and Dyneema cord (1,2mt approximately).

You need to connect the dyneema cord from one end to the carabiner (stainless steel) and the latter to the D-ring (also made of stainless steel), which you had previously set on one lead of the belt. Finally, after passing the other end of the cord through the 3mm hole of the pin, there you should make a bulky knot to lock it firmly. Once you fix the case in the desired position then slide in the pin and let the dyneema cord get through the pin hole until it is under tension. let the exceeding portion of cord pass through the cord holder which actually locks it.

The presence of the cord holder on both sides allow user to be able to easily fix it on both right and left side of the belt according to his own needs.

This product is a tribute to comfort in just 85gr (total weight of the kit) and the way it is manufactured reflects the touch of a creator that is a passionate spearo enhancing the simplicity of operations at sea.

Technical data:

pin: stainless steel, 13cm in length, 2 holes 3mm, weight 27gr

case: 30% glass-filled nylon, 12cm in length, weight 30gr, two cord holders, available in black or military green

carabiner: stainless steel, 9gr

d-ring: stainless steel, 19gr

cord: 2mm Dyneema, about 1.2mt, 5g




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