Marea website has finally changed its skin and the new version is finally online! Osvaldo presented a very attractive and user friendly restyling which guarantees the presence of all major functions in the first portion of the homepage, so there is no longer need to "scroll" to search for the products, order, mimetic patterns or online measure section.

The new website interface introduces some technological innovations which allow an easier navigation with mobile devices.


The most important feature is the "online measures" which allows you to fill a simplified form, straight from your own mobile phone or tablet. Filling it in is also facilitated by the presence of small question marks next to each field opening pictures which explain how to make the specific measurement they refer to.

The whole site was actually designed to also have a mobile version, with a different layout then on mobile devices, but special attention was paid to the online measures section.


Sending pictures to post to Osvaldo is now even easier, as you just need to open the Marea homepage and click on the big button named "upload your photos", it is as easy as that, you do not even need to register! Furthermore, as requested by Osvaldo, web designers have included in the homepage a wide module which will be hosting on monthly basis the most beautiful photo sent by Osvaldo’s customers and maybe the lucky one might shortly be granted a small prize.

So stay connected as promotions like these will soon be active in the "promotions section” in the homepage.


Finally in a few days in the homepage there will be some modules which will host the “facebook streams" of all the Marea pages (Marea france, Marea spain, Marea poland, etc.) to give you the opportunity to be connected to all the news from the Marea world and you will be surprised to know how many people are enthusiast users of these products.

Take a look yourself!



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