Dear readers a new extraordinary product from Intova is about to come with amazing features.


In about 40 days the Intova Sport HD EXTREME will be available worldwide for all passionate freedivers, spearos and scuba divers.

It’s the natural evolution of the Intova sport first model with further enhanced features for underwater use.


Let’s go through them…



In regards to stills now there is a separate shutter button in order to make a distinction between the functions and let its use be more intuitive. The resolution was brought to 14MP and as in the latest version of SP1, user can take pictures while recording a video with no interruptions.



In regards to video recording resolution is 1080p but the frame rate was brought to 60 at 720p. The digital zoom range now is 30X while the wide angle lens remained 140°.


General innovative features

In addition to the motion sensor, the manual white balance and the underwater preset introduced with the ultimate model of SP1, now the HD EXTREME has a WIFI device for remote control via smart phone and a GPS plugin module. All these functions are supported by a replaceable Li-on battery that substitutes the in-built one.

The retail price would be only 259.95$ (202€), so a great bargain for all sea lovers who want to capture the underwater life with excellent quality at low price. Soon a test article of this wonder will be published on this site.

Stay tuned!



  1. 1080P
  2. 14MP photo resolution
  3. Built-in colour LCD
  4. 140° wide angle lens
  5. Flat lens port for seamless operation above and below the water
  6. Waterproof to 60 meters
  7. Wifi for remote control via smartphone
  8. Separate shutter button for stills and record button for video
  9. Removable li-on battery
  10. Secure cam-lock closure system on waterproof housing
  11. Removable hood helps reduce glare on LCD
  12. Slave strobe activator
  13. Standard ¼” tripod mount
  14. Supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB
  15. Picture in video
  16. Live broadcast
  17. Motion sensor
  18. Hard wire back
  19. Audio back
  20. GPS plug in module
  21. 60fps in 720p
  22. Manual white balance
  23. Underwater mode
  24. 30X digital zoom



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