The new catalog SALVIMAR 2015 is finally available online on the manufacturer’s website which never fails to surprise thanks to the several new features it contains. Among the most important ones we surely find the new shafts PACIFIC and LASER, the A-BOOST bands, the new SAPIENS wetsuits (evolution of the training model) but the most important novelty is surely represented by the pneumatic speargun PREDATHOR.


I can not reveal much of this revolutionary speargun as it will be involved in other specific publications, I can only say that it is a vacuum pneumatic speargun that is so easy to handle, sensible and precise that also railgun spearos will find it easy to get used to. It is not yet available in stores and it will only be in 2015 but shortly, you will be able to read about its tests on this website. SALVIMAR anyway, has still something to show but that careful readers have probably already spotted in the catalog. Soon Salvimar will present two new product lines dedicated to apnea / swimming / triathlon which will be called FLUYD (on the web you can already appreciate the innovative wetsuits) and one to snorkeling, called WAVI.


By clicking on the following link you can view the catalog






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